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School or library Visits & 


Schedule a school or library visit with nationally-published, award-winning author, Sharlee Glenn!  Choose from a variety of presentation options ranging from large group assembles to smaller hands-on workshops to classroom read-alouds.  

Sharlee is available to do school and/or library visits and workshops throughout the year.

More information below!  


Contact Sharlee directly by CLICKING HERE and scrolling to the bottom.

Types of Presentations


* Assemblies

* Workshops

* Classroom presentations

* Other




* My Life as a Writer

Seven Really Cool Things About Writing

* Word Magic (K-6)

* Picture Books:  From Idea to Published Book

* Your Life as Writing Fodder

* Revision as Re-Seeing

* Writing as Cheap Therapy

* Using Writing Journals in the Classroom

* Using Models to Produce Great Student Writing

* My Favorite Books

* I Grew Up in the Bookmobile

* Family Read-Alouds

* Books for Boys

* How to Raise Enthusiastic Readers

* Writing Nonfiction: A Burgeoning Market



Students (Pre-School through College)




Standard Fees:


Wasatch Front (Utah):


Assembly       $500

Half Day         $700 (2 presentations)

Full Day          $1000 (up to four presentations; each presentations over four will

                         be an additional $400)

Out of State:


$1500/day plus travel and lodging

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