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"Glenn's descriptive text and use of onomatopoeia provide an ideal read-aloud. A "Yee-haw!" on the cowgirl page and three wishes when Abby's a genie will keep youngsters guessing what this engaging dog will try next. Hirao's collage and colored-pencil art, expressed on a variety of paper surfaces, alternates stark views as Abby introduces a costume, followed by busy scenes of her imagination and the real-life labors. A view of "rounding up livestock" (two escaped hamsters) is especially comic. Young listeners will take pleasure in finding Abby's lithe black cat, which appears in the larger scenes. There's something to please nearly everyone in this tale."

--School Library Journal

Featured on the EMMY award-winning PBS children's show, Between the Lions

"Author Sharlee Glenn uses beautiful, clear language that evokes heartfelt emotion without being trite or preachy. Her words dance whimsically on the page and paint a sensitive, lively picture of a child's relationship with someone special in her life."  
--Kristyn Crow, award-winning author of Zombelina, Bedtime at the Swamp, and Cool Daddy Rat

Winner of the Dolly Gray Children's Literature Award 

"In the mid-nineteenth century, one woman changed the American cultural landscape through sheer determination, a passion for reading, and an unwavering belief that people of all ages and classes should have access to books. That woman was librarian Mary Lemist Titcomb, inventor of the bookmobile. Glenn’s account of Titcomb’s impressive story reveals a life undeterred by such obstacles as limited educational and career opportunities for women, a life defined by admirable accomplishments. After tracing her successes as a librarian in Vermont, the story takes off when Titcomb accepts a position at Maryland’s Washington County Free Library, where she dedicates herself to expanding the library’s reach to its rural population. This was first accomplished by establishing outposts akin to branch libraries and later by her revolutionary idea of a book wagon—an idea initially met with great skepticism. Readers will be inspired by Titcomb’s dedication to her work and indifference to naysayers. The book’s attractive layout resembles a scrapbook, where archival photos, reproductions of letters, and other historic ephemera grace most pages. Glenn’s accessible writing provides just the right amount of historical context to highlight the extraordinary nature of Titcomb’s work and unquestionably establishes her as a true American pioneer." — Booklist, starred review

Winner of the 2020 Sugarman Children's Biography Honor Award 

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